Leslie Grother - Owner/Designer

Leslie Grother - Owner/Designer
Who am I?

Around 2007 I started sewing clothing and instantly found a love for vintage designs.

Soon after, I began exploring handbag making with glitter vinyl and quickly realized that this was what I really wanted to pursue but wasn't sure where to start so we opened a retail store in downtown Lawrence.

Once our lease was up I began working full time on our handbag collections in 2011. We are able to make affordable handbags and wallets using high quality vegan friendly vinyl in small production runs. Our designs are constantly changing and we are inspired by patterns, shiny and glitter vinyl.

How many of you work there?

When you buy from us you are buying from a family owned and operated small business. There are only 4 of us. Me, my husband, my daughter, and my son. I usually handle most of the day to day of our business and my family helps with all of the events and larger order preps. My daughter and I usually work on designs or color ways together and any future lines.

Enjoy! xx
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